Welcome to the Transformative Power of Azaima

Welcome to the Transformative Power of Azaima

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Azaima is a very intuitive and loving healer. She has given me great insights and support I needed when I needed it. She uses a variety of healing techniques with flexibility and wisdom.

Flynn Sylvest

Azaima is a woman of the greatest compassion and integrity. Her caring for the well-being of all beings great and small is tantamount to none. I am grateful for Azaima's beautiful soul and her work.

Marcia Little

I have known Azima for many years through a shared interest in the Sufi tradition (Sufi Order International, North America). She has provided me with her wisdom, spiritual and practical and her friendship. Her honesty, integrity, warm heart have been very present for me.
Azaima has done an astrological reading for me which was very helpful. She has shared her exquisite music and given me feedback on mine. I know she is a talented retreat leader and healer as well. She stands out in the world of professionals as someone who "walks her talk". I am happy to recommend her.

Rev. Azima Mary Jackson
Minister and Songwriter

I have known Azaima for many years, and have been fortunate to experience her as a healing practitioner, Sufi teacher, retreat guide, astrologer, and friend. She is a very wise, intuitive, spiritual, and caring woman, who understands healing from both personal and professional perspectives. She brings creativity, sensitivity, and soulfulness to all that she does, and her passion for song writing and singing also exemplifies this. She has touched many souls, and I am very grateful to be one of them.

Jennifer Greaves

Azaima is an exceptional woman - conscious, present, intuitive and sensitive. I trust her.

Bob Dellacona
Owner of Maid in New York

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