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What stands between you and your dreams?
Do you make excuses for why you can’t be who you want to be?
Do you postpone what you really want?
Do you let earlier experiences inhibit your ability to function now?
Would you make more changes if you could count on someone’s support along the way?

I created the Heart Lightning process to release you from the limiting beliefs, attitudes and emotions that block your way to a more rewarding life in as little as one session.

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A New, Better Way to Empowerment

Heart Lightning Transformational Coaching identifies the key issues that need resolution, and clears the obstacles to realizing your heart’s desire. Sessions are deep, brief and surprisingly painless and effective.¨ I have synthesized Heart Lightning from decades of experience in a variety of transformative techniques. Most of the time, one session is all you will need, as I can teach you the techniques I use. Of course you are welcome to have follow up sessions with me if you feel you would benefit from that support.

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Heart Lightning Session

1.5 hours: $150

Heart Lightning Combination

also includes Astrology and Shamanic Healing
1.5 hours: $150


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