Staring down the Tension

When we consider yoga, we often imagine tall slender flexible bodies doing things we cannot. But yogic union is possible in any body in any situation. It does not depend on a prescribed posture to work through you. When you have opened yourself, you can more easily unwind and find the freedom that lies beyond your constriction.

When our bodies are tense, we are apt to take something to relax. But our own hands and gravity will allow us to relax lot of this tension, ourselves. All we need is focused attention.


I imagine there is some time in everyone’s day where the neck and shoulders tighten. Breathe and feel the tension. You might make this your yoga tip for the day, every day. Reach where you can with your hands and massage the knots and tight places until they melt. Don’t let the resistance stay inside your body. Dig in. Imagine stressful sensations evaporating as your breath expands beyond them. 

Use your breath and mind to determine the exact location of the tightness and pain. Once the pain knows it has been understood, it no longer needs to sound its alarm.

As you breathe and feel into these tight places, they will soften. They will merge into the flow of energy coursing through the body. Yoga is union.  Once the body relaxes, it no longer demands attention. It’s a happy reunion. Welcome home.

If you have Skype, I can offer you a private yoga class in the comfort of your own home, wherever you are. Please visit to schedule a session. If you’re near Silver City, NM, I’d be happy to meet you for yoga in person. 

Preparing for the Unexpected

Jupiter, planet of expansion,  has been in Gemini since last June, and will remain in the sign until June 26 of this year. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect and learn from others in a neutral way.  Gemini is more concerned with truth than forcing an ignorant agenda on anyone. You will have the chance to appreciate and understand all points of view before making a decision.

 Uranus in Aries is making forceful, unexpected change a way of life. Uranus has been in Aries since 2010. This chaotic transit will remain until 2018, but Jupiter moves out of Gemini much sooner. Seize the opportunity to gather and assess information. Then you’ll be able to facilitate change intelligently.

This summer, when Jupiter moves into Cancer for a year, we’ll be in for lots of emotional hand-wringing. Better to get our facts straight first.

What’s the best way to work with this planetary combination? Allow change to happen. Plenty of people will try to push you around. It is more natural to want to change the world than ourselves. Uranus in Aries is a powder keg. It is best to use its force within.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to identify the potential changes that could set you free. Use Jupiter in Gemini to research what steps you need to take to get where you want to go.

 It is not the situation as much as your attitude that will bring you peace. Strive to free yourself from any self-imposed limitations that drain your energy. Talk with others. See what they have done in similar circumstances. Be honest with yourself. Change is inevitable, whether or not we surrender willingly.

While astrologers can only go so far at predicting the unexpected, some insight may be better than none. Everyone will respond differently to these changing times. I’d love to help you strategize the best way through. Schedule a reading at

A book cover with an image of a tiger.

Want Power? Skype to the Shamanic Healing Clinic on March 16 for 30 minutes

If you’ve tried your best and still can’t find your way through what is perplexing you, whether physical or emotional, it may be time for the big guns.

We imagine we’re separate, as we live in discrete bodies. But in fact they are not discrete at all. We host bacteria. We share air. We come from, feed on and will reunite with the earth. Why would we not tap into the far greater power of the elements to heal ourselves?

Nature is our ally. We belong to the earth. The plants and animals are a part of us. When we call on their assistance, they mobilize on our behalf.

According to the shamans, nature longs to serve us. We only need to ask. We can reconnect to these natural forces through prayer, song, plants, animals, and minerals. Nature will respond by purifying and renewing us.

Shamanic healings are powerful. Would you like to feel better, gently, and easily? Sign up for a discounted half hour session March 16 between 2 and 6 pm Mountain Time.  Normally $50/session, if you book during a clinic, the cost is $35.  If you’re near Silver City, NM come in person. If not, we can do it by phone or Skype.

Because much of this work is non-verbal, there are few thought patterns to get in the way. You can bring any issue to a shamanic clinic – physical, or emotional. Shamanism clearing out the non-resonant energy and replacing it with a life affirming flow.