Uranus Square Pluto June 2012 – March 2015 Resistance is Futile

A book cover with an image of a tiger.

I don’t even know how to start writing about this. It’s like deciding where to jump on the merry go round that is spinning faster than I feel is safe to board. Such is life.

The world is changing more rapidly than we can assimilate. Global warming, corruption, and technological advances overwhelm us.

There is an astrological reason for this. Uranus, planet of unexpected change, is squaring Pluto, governor of our unconscious desires and aversions. Uranian lightning strikes our trees, while Plutonian resistance has us clinging to our roots.

Lightning does not compromise or bargain. The strikes will be sudden and irreversible.

Pluto is not used to changing on a deadline. He’ll defend the status quo until we’re ready to see beyond it. Pluto drags us into the middle of what we don’t want to face, and says, “Deal.† He unearths our resistance. Once exposed, it no longer holds sway.

The process of moving into our true power requires courage, patience and the willingness to accommodate uncomfortable feelings until we can transcend them.

Pluto is slow and plodding, knowing effective change takes time. Things we thought would last forever are evaporating around and within us. We are being forced to abandon things we never thought we could do without, and we don’t think we are ready.

What might you do when the irresistible force meets the immovable object?

When change comes, ask what is being liberated. When you need to make a choice, select the one that feels the most freeing. Uranus shakes things up so that you can reveal your unique facet of the Divine Being, unfettered by others’ expectations. Instead of bemoaning what is lost, ask what is being gained.

When you are consumed with fear, remember your intention. This vision will encourage you to move through the darkness. Hold the goal in front of you as a motivator, rather than letting fear and resistance consume your thoughts.

Remember your power. It’s Pluto’s specialty.  Pluto strips away the false sense of power, based on possessions and position, and replaces it with a more durable force. When you feel helpless, remember the miracle of life that sustains us beyond any conscious effort. We are breathing. A planet of extraordinary beauty and resilience is our host and provider.

Our hearts and minds are connected in ways we will never understand. When we are faced with disagreements and disruptions, return to love. Seek it. Long for it when you don’t feel it.

Uranus’ square to Pluto asks us to hurry up and step into our power. We are being dislodged so that we may stand tall on new ground. Because this is a long-term transit, we have the opportunity to try something new, reconsider, change course and start over. The chaos won’t last forever, and you aren’t going crazy. You’ll know what you’re made of before it’s over.

Let’s pool our efforts on this one. What’s working for you?