Calling on the Allies: Introducing Shamanic Healings

Many years ago, I was asked to teach yoga in Mexico. My first thought was Mexico, Maine, which would have entailed a long, icy commute. When I learned the classes were in Puerto Morelos on the Yucatan peninsula, I leapt at the opportunity. 
A book cover with an image of a tiger.After morning yoga, we had lots of time to explore. I walked the ruins of Tulum and felt my clenched muscles relax in the earth’s warm embrace. I was so moved by nature’s transformative power that I wrote a song about it. (Click on the photo to watch the music video).
Since then, I have sought a more conscious relationship with the world around me. To that end, I have studied and travelled with Jose and Lena Stevens, and their daughter, Anna Stevens Harrington at The Power Path School of Shamanism in Santa Fe. They have devoted their lives to learning and helping to preserve indigenous peoples’ traditions. Here’s a link to their website, the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange:
While proponents of major religions wage wars to prove they have the one and only way to salvation, I am grateful that these indigenous ways are still with us, and that I have had the opportunity to learn from their gentle, skillful adherents.  
Shamans are trained to have a foot in the material world and a foot in the spirit world. I have learned through experience that something as delicate as a feather remains infused with the power of the bird who wore it. 
Shamans speak to nature as a child might, talking with trees and animals and drawing strength from the environment. Shamanic healings use a variety of natural tools including stones and feathers to invoke the forces of nature on our behalf. A session may include song, and some hands-on work as well.
Each time I use shamanic methods, I reinforce my wonder at the latent wisdom and support all around us. We are never alone. Come schedule a shamanic healing session and remember. They are available in person, by phone, or Skype.

Jupiter and Uranus in Aries: Chaos is the New Norm

Fasten your seatbelts. Between June 6 and August 14, Jupiter and Uranus will both reside in the belligerent sign of Aries. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, unafraid to initiate, and unconcerned about the results of his impulsive action. Uranus is the individualist and rebel who rules unexpected change.  Jupiter magnifies the nature of the sign it inhabits.
With Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, many people will take matters into their own hands for better or for worse. We could see uncoordinated terrorist activities on an unprecedented scale, or we could witness a populist movement for justice that no government or business can ignore. 
Uranus is best symbolized as a lightening bolt, brilliant, but destructive of what lies in its path. Perhaps upheaval is the only way to deal with a stagnant, corrupt system. But don’t expect the demolition crew to clean up after its self. Each of us must play a part in seeking and generating solutions, drawing on personal resources and creative thinking we didn’t realize we possessed.
The BP oil spill has broken our country’s heart. People are appalled that those in charge are not stemming the toxic gush from the bottom of the sea. As frustration at the Gulf’s broken economy and ravaged ecosystem mounts, some will lash out in anger. Others will promote innovations like oil-eating bacteria and a conversion to environmentally friendly, energy-efficient technologies. 
Another example of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries is the escalating reaction to the Israeli killing of a flotilla of peace activists. The activists were expressing the Uranian urge to liberate an oppressed people. Their murderous reception was an Aries response. Jupiter in Aries could intensify the tempers that have already flared around this event. But it would not have been the wish of those who died to see violence perpetrated in their name. 
Global events reflect of our personal challenges. We can use Jupiter and Uranus in Aries as a time to examine what happens when we feel out of control. Do we lash out at others or do we increase our capacity to evolve? 
Jupiter rules growth. He will expand whatever he encounters. Violence will lead to more violence, but a compelling new idea will stimulate others. Jupiter is the optimist. If we see the big picture rather than simply in the horrors of the current crisis, we will find our way. 
Uranus seeks liberation. There is a freedom from something, which feels exhilarating at first, as the albatross falls from our necks. But as we find freedom from something, we are still pointing the finger at what we didn’t like. We need to focus on positive possibilities and exercise our more daunting freedom to take constructive action. 
This potent duo of planets will resume their tandem tenancy of Aries between March 12 and June 4, 2011. Jupiter will then move into Taurus, while Uranus will stay in Aries until 2019. Forget about returning to the old ways. To paraphrase Ghandi, we must be the change we want to see in the world.