What’s in a Name?

I’ve been Abbe for 57 years. It was a paternal ancestor’s last name that became my grandmother’s middle name and landed as my first. Among other things, it means a source of joy. I’ve had a good life and the name has served me well.

Along my spiritual road, I was given the name Azaima (pronounced uhZEEMuh). My Sufi friends have called me this for decades. It’s been defined as ecstasy, flexible strength and the divine down in your bones. I’ve decided to make it official.

It takes months of legal hoops to change one’s name, as anyone who’s been married knows. Much to my mother’s consternation, I kept my name when I got married. But as I’m recently amicably divorced, it seems an opportune time to change it.

My new name is Azaima B Anderson and my new website is azaima.com.

I appreciate your flexibility accommodating this shift.