Orgonite, Untamed: 2015 Highlights

A book cover with an image of a tiger.

Dear Friends,

Hope you’ve been able to detach enough from the news of the world to have a good year.

Much of my year has been spent keeping the house clean. I’ve converted a room in the garage to a living space, where I stay with the dogs when the place is fully booked. I credit Cassie and Zoli with charming the visitors enough to leave good ratings. Cassie jumps next to anyone on the sofa, pretending they’re the only person who’s ever loved her. Her real agenda, however, is to push them off, and claim it for herself.

The joy in running the Heart and Wings Retreat Center continues to be greeting people as strangers and then parting as friends.

I took a break from vacuuming and changing sheets to drive to Maine. While there, I received more remarkable healing work from Ariel Wilcox at Access Health Renewal in Freeport. My shoulders and neck loosened up so much I feel like a bobblehead doll.

My Kennebunk friends, Sassy and Kirk Smallman, generously let me stay with them again for a month and plied me full of seafood.

On the drive home, I spent a fun week in Nashville, songwriting, performing, and meeting industry professionals, through Sheree Spoltore’s Global Songwriters’ Connection, an organization I highly recommend to any songwriters. Their 3-day FOCUS event was a giant love-fest. Now that I’ve been to one, I can attend any and all future ones, something I eagerly anticipate.

A book cover with an image of a tiger.
I’m currently rehearsing for a CD release party of my new recording, Untamed. If you can’t make it to the show in Silver City, you can listen or get a copy at Several of the tracks give voice to my activism on the environment and other causes. The remaining tracks also follow the theme of taking a stand, whether humorously, or poignantly.

When I wrote my last holiday letter, I was particularly alarmed by the noxious chemtrails overhead, but didn’t know how to eradicate them. Since then, I’ve found a solution that I can implement, myself. Orgonite neutralizes chemtrails, and you can make it with only three ingredients. I’ve seen chemtrails disappear instantly after putting orgonite by cell towers. Here’s a link to an inspiring free e-book about it.

As cell towers within a four-mile radius affect your health, you might be interested in keeping yourself safe. identifies the cell towers in your immediate area. You can get orgonite at cost (about $1 apiece) by emailing my friend Ray Watkowski at He opened up my world by introducing me to orgonite and he’s dedicated his life to it.

In addition to clearing the sky, orgonite clears energy in the home and can be used to relieve pain as well. I love sharing it, because most people can feel its uplifting effect immediately.

I hope 2016 is full of similar miracles for you.