Marching Against Monsanto

On May 25, 100 of us gathered under the marquee of Silver City, NM’s Energy Ideal Green Boutique. We stood just feet away from the local farmer’s market and a few feet further from the local food coop. Many people grow their own food here, and our march was more of an affirmation of people doing the right thing than an impotent rage against an unscrupulous titan.

 A friend and I drummed. Most carried signs. Our circuit took us down the main street, up the highway and around the annual Silver City Blues festival. We were greeted with honks from the drivers and raised fists from pedestrians. The organizer in front of me danced with her NO GMO sign as if it were the sexiest partner she’d ever encountered.

 The protest was organized on facebook by recent Aldo Leopold High School graduates. The woman who kicked off the event admitted she’d never used a bullhorn before. None of that mattered. The town was behind us. The local sign making shop offered a beautiful banner. The food coop served lemonade.

 I gave up believing that a demonstration would change policy after a million people mobilized to protest the Iraq war to no avail. Monsanto is so fully entrenched in our government that it doesn’t need to heed the citizen’s cry.

 But there is power in knowing you are part of a worldwide movement for a healthier future. When we take control of our food supply, it doesn’t much matter what Monsanto does.

 So here’s to people power and the gentle reminders we offer one another when we unite.

Staring Down the Shadow

Yoga is union with all that is. That means acceptance of our foibles and pains as well as embracing our place in the world, with all its headaches and blessings. It is ironic that we must make peace with the present moment in order to transcend it.

 Yoga heightens our awareness so that we may become increasingly aware of our discomfort and move beyond it.

 Take time to breathe deeply and feel all the places you habitually ignore. Where are you sore? What thoughts race through your head? What feelings do you harbor?

 Stretch in any way that feels good. Make space for what is. Set an intention. How might you move, walk, stretch, breathe to affirm that intention? Let it be true.

 If you would like to schedule a private yoga session in person or by Skype, we can try to relieve some of your pain together and allow you to move forward with greater ease and powe

The Continuing Crisis

Ruthless Pluto will square rebellious Uranus until 2015. We see the disruptive effects of this cataclysmic combination in tornadoes, mass murders, earthquakes, abuses of power, and general unrest. If you’re complacent during these times, you’re not playing attention.

It’s an opportunity for great expansion, shedding the old, liberating yourself and moving beyond your fears into greater power. Grassroots efforts to stem the ravages of the earth are finding increased support, as global warming can no longer be denied. Will we be able to stem the destructive tide? Who knows? Would you prefer to ride this one out and regret not doing something while there was still time?

If you’d like a personal take on how this transit. shows up in your life, let’s talk. You can schedule an astrology reading here.