Staring Down the Shadow

Yoga is union with all that is. That means acceptance of our foibles and pains as well as embracing our place in the world, with all its headaches and blessings. It is ironic that we must make peace with the present moment in order to transcend it.

 Yoga heightens our awareness so that we may become increasingly aware of our discomfort and move beyond it.

 Take time to breathe deeply and feel all the places you habitually ignore. Where are you sore? What thoughts race through your head? What feelings do you harbor?

 Stretch in any way that feels good. Make space for what is. Set an intention. How might you move, walk, stretch, breathe to affirm that intention? Let it be true.

 If you would like to schedule a private yoga session in person or by Skype, we can try to relieve some of your pain together and allow you to move forward with greater ease and powe