Spiffing up the Retreat Center

A book cover with an image of a tiger.

Because I’ve had so many wonderful people staying at the Heart and Wings Retreat Center, I wanted to give them more room. So I created a living space in the garage to use when I’m renting out all three units.

Among other improvents: I’ve converted the base of a leaky stock tank into a beautiful medicine wheel. It sits on a hill with great mountain and starlight views. I look forward to doing ceremonies there.

The crumbling old walkway has been replaced with one that’s intact.

There are now bancos for sitting on the front porch, when the rocking chair and swinging bench are occupied.

I’m grateful to the kind and generous people who have put their hearts and skills into the work.

As someone who has no interest in decorating, I’m especially gratified by the consistent five star reviews of all three guest units on airbnb.

Please consider a visit. The area has a lot to offer, but, in my humble opinion, the dogs, alone, would be worth the trip.

On the Road Again

A book cover with an image of a tiger.photo courtesy of Silver City Sun-News

I’ll be driving to Maine in July by way of the Swannanoa Gathering outside Asheville, NC, my favorite music camp. Here’s a link from my Untamed album to “Dawning over Swannanoa,†about the musicians who stay up all night playing there.

I’ll return to Silver City in October after taking part in another exciting Global Songwriters’ Connection FOCUS event in Nashville.

If you’re between NM and ME, and interested in having me perform and/or offer an “Untame Yourself” workshop in your area, please let me know. I’m condensing the workshop into an hour format in Truth or Consequences on May 14, so I can be flexible around a timing that might serve you.

Untame Yourself

A book cover with an image of a tiger.          photo courtesy of Silver City Sun-News

I spent a good portion of the winter with a great band getting ready for the release of my 5th recording, Untamed. Here’s a rehearsal shot with Paul DeMarco, Greg Renfro, Shems Nickle and Houndog.

Following on the heels of the CD release party, I thought the untamed theme deserved more exploration. So I’ll be conducting a workshop on April 9 called “Untame Yourself.â€

It will take place at the Heart and Wings Retreat Center in Silver City, NM from 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday April 9 for $25. If you’re interested in attending, please give me a call at (575) 956-9419, or email me at azaima@heartandwings.net, and I’ll give you directions.

We’ve been conditioned to believe and behave in many ways that don’t serve us. This has taken place in several areas – educational, parental, societal, the news media, and healthcare, to name a few. We need to break free from that indoctrination in order to remember who we are and what we want. The world needs us, and it’s time to get out of our own way so we can make a difference.

I’ll offer various ways to unhook from unwanted beliefs and attitudes, including my heart lightning emotional release method. Come and get wild.