I have found Azaima's yoga class to provide me with an opportunity to let go at multiple levels---psychic, spiritual and physical.  That in turn has helped me to breathe, sit and walk more naturally.  I have a higher energy level and I feel younger and more grounded.  In addition, I feel absolutely ecstatic at the end of each session.  All this by attending her class just once a week for 5 weeks.
Astara Matthews

Azaima is a warm and engaging performer. Her original music is very unique and a lot of fun.

Gail Wartell

Thank you so much for your lovely service you provided. The music was so meaningful and the vows were perfect for us. We were delighted! We’re so glad it worked out so well, and you were a big part.

Carol Morrison

Azaima is one of the most spiritually attuned human beings I have the honor to know. She has taught me yoga, advised me, and played music for me.

Bettina Bergo PhD
Philosophy Professor

No matter what issues I'm dealing with going into a retreat with Azaima, I always come out of it with more clarity and a feeling of connection and peace that will see me through whatever crises everyday life throws at me. And the setting is just beautiful—it's like a vacation for the spirit.

Deborah Rabideau
Reading Specialist

I had a wonderful time staying at Hearts & Wings Retreat Ctr. My host, Azaima, was warm and helpful. I had a lot of privacy while there for the week and enjoyed daily runs and hikes right out my door and the surrounding trailheads. The setting is beautiful at Hearts & Wings, and I felt right at home.

Jenn Reichling

Azaima is a true healer, an amazing person and talent! I regained physical and spiritual energy in just one session that had been blocked for some time. Her musical approach is genuine, caring, and soothing. I highly recommend a session!

Daria Cullen
Publisher, Little Star Signs Custom Books

Azaima is a very intuitive and loving healer. She has given me great insights and support I needed when I needed it. She uses a variety of healing techniques with flexibility and wisdom.

Flynn Sylvest

I did get an astrology reading from Azaima and she is extremely insightful and does a great job in explaining the chart and making it accessible. I would strongly recommend her to anyone.

Mikel Bruce
Owner of Tiny Frog Technologies

Azaima is a woman of the greatest compassion and integrity. Her caring for the well-being of all beings great and small is tantamount to none. I am grateful for Azaima's beautiful soul and her work.

Marcia Little

Azaima read my astrological chart and was insightful, thorough and kind in her assessment of where my life was headed. She also has done some Shamanic "clearing" for me and I loved it! Her approach is gentle and respectful.

Margaret Jones

Azaima is a master healer who works on the mind-body connection with a number of modalities. She blends these methods together into powerful work that I have found to be very restorative and energizing.

Joanie Connors
PhD Professor of Psychology, Community Organizer

I've known Azaima for close to 20 years, and in that time, she's proven herself to be an adept and extremely intuitive healer. She is caring, compassionate, and has a great wealth of knowledge of various healing arts that she has woven together in a unique manner. I recommend her whole-heartedly. She is gifted as an astrologer, and as a shaman.

Evie Barton

Azaima heals through many modalities. She shows wonderful compassion and caring as she works with you through problems.

Erika May Randolph
Psychotherapist, Songwriter, and Musician

I have found Azaima’s astrological readings helpful in navigating life experiences. She helped me recently with a reading that I keep coming back to because it is such a great way to frame what is happening NOW. She has an excellent grasp of the affects of planets moving through the houses of my chart. Very encouraging. I recommend her.

Barbaraanne Rich
Musician and Dance Leader

I met Azaima through Spiritual work we are both doing. We have continued our connection over several years. She has been an excellent support person over the years. She is also a talented musician, song writer and performer. Her Astrological readings have given me insightful information of potential future events which have helped me navigate the good and the challenging with grace and ease. She is sensitive and bright and can help with her insightful information and guidance.

Sunny Redmond

I have known Azima for many years through a shared interest in the Sufi tradition (Sufi Order International, North America). She has provided me with her wisdom, spiritual and practical and her friendship. Her honesty, integrity, warm heart have been very present for me.
Azaima has done an astrological reading for me which was very helpful. She has shared her exquisite music and given me feedback on mine. I know she is a talented retreat leader and healer as well. She stands out in the world of professionals as someone who "walks her talk". I am happy to recommend her.

Rev. Azima Mary Jackson
Minister and Songwriter

I have known Azaima for many years, and have been fortunate to experience her as a healing practitioner, Sufi teacher, retreat guide, astrologer, and friend. She is a very wise, intuitive, spiritual, and caring woman, who understands healing from both personal and professional perspectives. She brings creativity, sensitivity, and soulfulness to all that she does, and her passion for song writing and singing also exemplifies this. She has touched many souls, and I am very grateful to be one of them.

Jennifer Greaves

Azaima is an exceptional woman - conscious, present, intuitive and sensitive. I trust her.

Bob Dellacona
Owner of Maid in New York

I listened to all of your songs, and I want to share with you; I cried a river of tears. You describe into words exactly what I feel, and you have touched a part of me that no one has before. I feel the depth of your soul pouring out of your deepest emotions. My goodness Azaima, you are a beautiful human being inside and out. I thank you, and appreciate you, from the core of my being. Saying thank you, just doesn't somehow seem enough.

Lacota Wolf

You and your musical gifts were the perfect ending of a very intense day. The women felt validated and soothed. I enjoyed watching you spinning your web of words that reminded us of all of who we are.

Rosie Deer Heart
Author, Psychic

I just noticed a huge improvement. Azaima has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions; she helped me put together origins of my fear and then live in the fear in my head until it was no longer so fearsome. I still don't understand it, but it works!

Suzanne Thompson

I have greatly benefitted from her amazing package of astrology, intuitive questioning and non local shamanic healing. She attunes to my wholeness and potential on all dimensions of self: physical, mental, emotional and soul. She brings deep compassion, superb listening, incredible intelligence and brilliant creativity of Spirit to her work. I am grateful for Azaima’s effective helping of my healing crisis and spiritual evolution.

Suzanne River
Somatic Shaman, Movement Therapist, and Creator of Global Somatics Process

Thanks so much! Everyone absolutely fell in love with you, Azaima. Seriously. Each person said the same thing in different ways, all indicating how happy that they were that you were the minister and that you allowed yourself to really be a part of the whole thing. I totally agree.....you added such depth to the whole celebration and your singing....well that was just the icing on the cake.

Debra Sanders
Best Selling Author

Azaima is a knowledgeable and sympathetic healer. Her firm grasp of human dynamics, combined with a broad array of skills, allows her to quickly diagnose problems. Azaima's cures are uplifting and fit well into everyday life.

Robert Van Mell

Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your CD.  Super! You are a great story-teller!  I appreciate how much heart, love, and intense work it took to bring such a creation into being.  Thank you for this gift, You are an enigma of many quietly held talents.

Donna Caires

Azaima has been an excellent support person over the years. Her Astrological readings have given me insightful information of potential future events, which have helped me navigate the good and the challenging with grace and ease. She is sensitive and bright and can help with her insightful information and guidance.

Sunny Redmond
Artist and Healer

Thank you Azaima for the razor sharp star map. You cut through all the issues that are burdening my current life. The way ahead is more clear.

William Ratterman

Thank you for EVERYTHING ! I felt so full of comfort and gratitude when I arrived home. You are the same loving healer I have long cherished and trusted with my deepest wounds.

Shannon Young White

We loved listening to your music! Voice, music, arrangements: very virtuoso! The Subhan Allah track was very beautiful too. Your voice is both powerful and transcendent. You will rock some people's world!

Ravi Singh and Ana Brett
Creators of Best-Selling Yoga DVDs

Your work has changed me. I’m really grateful. You are truly gifted.

Thomas Holmberg
Insurance Executive

Azaima, thank you so much for your thoughtful attention today.  I was stunned with the accuracy of the charts you interpreted, and hadn't expected you to go beyond that. Your thoughtful questioning, like the charts, probed in exactly the right direction.  Setting some broad timelines of what to expect when also gives me a context to put events into--that's pretty exciting.  You're amazing.

Joe Kryzanowski

Talking to you was exactly what I needed.  Thank you for knowing, for being there.  Thanks for helping me see the light within the dark.  Thanks for being such a good listener.  You are one powerful woman.  Thanks for leading my gaze to the sky.

Sara Johnston
Consultant to Non-Profit Organizations

Azaima is a calm, centered, grounded advisor, mentor, and healer. Her collected integrated wisdom is vast.  Her presence is clear and focused, relaxed and centered, open and ready. She is an empathic, multi-talented, multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary person who supports her clients with gentle, sensitive guidance, grounded in a strong earth walk no-nonsense approach.  If you have a chance to cross her path for an astrological reading, a musical event, a yoga or meditation, class, a shamanic experience or as a friend, you have been given a great gift and seeds of love that will expand within you for years to come.

Tsipora Claudia Berman
Environmental Educator, Healer, Yoga Instructor

Azaima is intelligent, caring and gifted. I trust her and love her.

Josie Hyde

Azaima's glowing heart and sharp mind can be a tremendous support for those who request.

Kate Hart

Azaima is an adept and extremely intuitive healer. She is caring, compassionate, and has a great wealth of knowledge of various healing arts that she has woven together in a unique manner. I recommend her whole-heartedly. She is gifted as an astrologer, and as a shaman.

Evie Barton
Voice and Piano Instructor

Azaima is authentic and beautiful. Anyone thinking of working with her will be lucky to have the privilege.

Gayan Macher
Sufi Teacher

Azaima is excellent at her craft, and has always exhibited the utmost kindness, compassion, and empathy. She has the ability to make you feel better by just being in her presence, and I highly recommend her.

Dawn Pelletier Stratton
Psycotherapist, Life Coach

The astrological reading was so accurate, I could swear Azaima'd been a fly on the wall the night before. I am in awe of astrology.

Ginger Brown
Graphic Artist

Our session was so much fun, my partner and I didn't realize the profound progress we were making.

Jaclyn Ashla
Hospital Administrator

Abbe finds out how you are at the start of class, and comes up with postures and meditations that target your particular needs with almost surgical precision. I always end up feeling stronger, more flexible and serene.

Mary Carol Kennedy
Musician and Social Worker

Azaima is like a walking toolbox of healing, full of joy-inducing practices, from horoscopes to yoga to her amazing retreats… and her songs always touch my heart.

Nancy Gnecco
Energy Psychologist

Thank you for your being, for your kindness, for your presence and for your love. Our time together was special, eye opening and a saving grace.

Deepa Patel
Consultant to Non-Profit Organizations

Azaima is one of the warmest and caring people that I have ever had the opportunity to know. She came into my home after a particular devastating loss to my family and spread her healing nature throughout. I can't say enough about her expertise and passion for what she does and would not hesitate to call on her again. Thank you for your help, Azaima.

Douglass Dickens
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