All We Need

In this season of taxes, our thoughts turn to an accounting of what we have. It is tempting to focus on lack, to lament all we’ve spent and to rail against the government for appropriating and misusing our hard-earned funds. Whether or not we are justified in our attitude, it doesn’t feel good to be the victim.

I’ve created a recording to antidote the tax-time blues. I didn’t design it for this season in particular, but it may serve you well. It’s a series of Sufi prosperity mantras. They’re sung in Arabic, but translated in the CD leaflet.

Mantras reinforce positive thoughts through repetition. They connect us with our higher selves. While they won’t negate the reality of our current circumstances, they remind us of a dimension we inhabit that is inherently perfect and complete. Some of the qualities affirmed in these songs are mercy, compassion, gratitude, kindness, generosity, and the outpouring of blessings. And that feels better than worrying about money.

I composed the tracks on a silent retreat, almost whispering them into my Garage Band software. I wanted to create something soothing, hypnotic, relaxing, and, I hope, inspiring. The album interweaves 3-part vocals with guitar, flute and percussion. Jud Caswell recorded and produced it in his Brunswick, ME Frog Hollow Studio. Recording can be nerve wracking because it has to be perfect, or you’re stuck hearing your mistakes forever. But there was something about this style of music that created a relaxing studio atmosphere for all of us. None of us had ventured into this genre of music before, and we are happy with the outcome.

It has been well received. Here’s what Sacred Music Radio had to say:

“At Sacred Music Radio we often receive music which artists would like us to broadcast. To promote any music on Sacred Music Radio the music must be appropriate in that it is what we consider sacred and really beautiful. When we listened to Heart Lightening by Azaima Anderson the decision was really easy to make as we were so moved by the beauty and tranquility of the music on this album. We found it uplifting and inspiring. For example, after listening to the track “Bismillah” the words and the beautiful sound stay with me. For over a month we featured this track several times a day and now it is broadcast as one of the tracks on our playlist.”

– Michael Kenton, Sacred Music Radio

You can taste test the recording by checking out a video of the first track.
Sink into gratitude and forget what you owe Uncle Sam. If you like what you hear and want more, you can get a copy here.Heart Lightning CD