Finding Peace in Combative Times: an astrological perspective

If you’re like me, listening to the news is guaranteed to make you angry or frightened at the pervasiveness of instability and conflict. 
Politicians blame this on the other party, but we astrologers blame it on Pluto. Pluto slowly releases from our control that which we are least willing to surrender.  In the sign of Capricorn until 2023, Pluto confronts the decay of existing structures. 
Pluto humbles us. We can think green, live green, vote with our conscience and earn a right livelihood, but Pluto will still destroy the world as we know it.  Though it will take a while for the total collapse of our outmoded system, it will ultimately be replaced by something more authentic and functional.
Meanwhile, what’s it going to take for us to feel secure again? (This may come as a shock, but I don’t think the Department of Homeland Security is going to do it for us.)  If we depend on bosses, government and religious institutions to tell us what to do, we will feel like pawns, at best. With the impending breakdown of existing structures, it is critical that we align ourselves with the power that lies within, and flows through, us all.
The best way to work with any planet is to address its concerns directly. Pluto takes us into the dark in order to bring us into the light.  We can let Pluto drag us, kicking and screaming into the parts of our lives we are unwilling to face. Or we can help Pluto do the job and move into our power with grace.
What are you unwilling to face? What would it take for you to be able to deal with this issue? What kind of outcome would you like to see? What can you do to help create this outcome for yourself? 
The world outside will continue to change, but you have responsibility and plenty of control over your own thoughts and emotions. Perhaps you cannot control what emerges within you, but you can do something about it. 
Breath by breath, thought by thought, feeling by feeling, you can take charge. Pluto takes the world through darkness into light, and us with it. When we face our shadow, it loses its power over us.  Notice your thoughts, sensations and feelings. Intercept those that don’t serve you, and replace them with ones that bring you closer to meeting your goals.
I’m noticing that setting external goals in today’s changing environment seems less important than making a commitment to inner tranquility. Coming to the world from a peaceful place will help everyone find what balance they can in these troubled times.