Heart Lightning

iStock_000010337640MediumI’m changing the name of my business to Heart Lightning, as I enjoy facilitating quick results in others.  I have acquired a broad array of ways to help people get what they want, usually in just one session.

One of these is a healing modality I developed called Heart Lightning. It simultaneously combines metaphor, eye movement, felt sense, limiting belief, earlier experience and emotion. I really don’t know how or why it works, but I assume the unconscious gets so overwhelmed with all these stimuli that it gives up and releases the block. For whatever reason, Heart Lightning works fast.

Heart Lightning is also the title of my new CD of Sufi chants. I was attracted to the Sufi path in the early 90s because of its ability to effect instant transformation as well. Rather than wallowing in a problem, Sufis ask what qualities you would need to solve it. You repeat and affirm those qualities until you realize they’ve been part of you all along. Who knew?

Here’s a link to my ebook, Stalking Ecstasy, which is full of Sufi practices.

I composed the Heart Lightning songs on a Sufi retreat focused on prosperity. As in all Sufi retreats, we repeated specific Divine Names focused around the qualities we wished to cultivate. The great thing about the Divine Names is that their sound, alone, is effective, whether or not you have any idea what is being chanted. You are building your capacity for success just by listening.

I invite you to enjoy this new recording on any level that serves you, whether you fully immerse yourself in the practices, singing along, or use it to relax, as background music. Here’s the video of the first song, Bismillah.

Sacred Spirit Music Radio had this to say about it.

“Music on Sacred Music Radio must be sacred and really beautiful. When we listened to Heart Lightning by Azaima Anderson, the decision was really easy, as we were so moved by the beauty and tranquility of the album. We found it uplifting and inspiring. The words and the beautiful sound of the track, Bismillah stay with me. For over a month, we featured it several times a day, and now it is broadcast as one of the tracks on our playlist.”

Here’s a link to a free download of another song on the album, and an opportunity to purchase the entire album as a download or as a CD. May the music fulfill your every desire.