Staring down the Tension

When we consider yoga, we often imagine tall slender flexible bodies doing things we cannot. But yogic union is possible in any body in any situation. It does not depend on a prescribed posture to work through you. When you have opened yourself, you can more easily unwind and find the freedom that lies beyond your constriction.

When our bodies are tense, we are apt to take something to relax. But our own hands and gravity will allow us to relax lot of this tension, ourselves. All we need is focused attention.


I imagine there is some time in everyone’s day where the neck and shoulders tighten. Breathe and feel the tension. You might make this your yoga tip for the day, every day. Reach where you can with your hands and massage the knots and tight places until they melt. Don’t let the resistance stay inside your body. Dig in. Imagine stressful sensations evaporating as your breath expands beyond them. 

Use your breath and mind to determine the exact location of the tightness and pain. Once the pain knows it has been understood, it no longer needs to sound its alarm.

As you breathe and feel into these tight places, they will soften. They will merge into the flow of energy coursing through the body. Yoga is union.  Once the body relaxes, it no longer demands attention. It’s a happy reunion. Welcome home.

If you have Skype, I can offer you a private yoga class in the comfort of your own home, wherever you are. Please visit to schedule a session. If you’re near Silver City, NM, I’d be happy to meet you for yoga in person.