Taking it to the Streets

Last month a group of local Sufis and I performed the songs from my Heart Lightning recording of prosperity chants for a CD release party held at the convivial Yankie Creek Coffeehouse. It was fun to share these powerful practices with friends and kindred spirits.

A book cover with an image of a tiger.

Pictured left to right: Shems Nickle, Azima Lila Forest, Pamela Morgan, Samira Johnson, Azaima Anderson. Out of camera range to Shems’ left is Paul deMarco on flute.

I’m now planning to play these songs for others as I drive back east in September. If you’re anywhere between New Mexico and Maine and are interested in hearing this music, let’s talk about setting up a house concert in your area.

I’m also offering workshops in my Heart Lightning method of quickly clearing emotional, mental and even some physical blocks. You can learn all you need in 90 minutes. It’s often helpful to combine Heart Lightning with the Emotional Freedom Technique (sometimes called tapping), so I’ll teach you that as well. If you’d like to learn this and you’re between NM and ME, please let me know, and we’ll make it happen.

If you’re near my route back to Maine, I’d be happy to administer a healing session for you in person. I’d highly recommend the Heart Lightning special combination as the most comprehensive and effective method. It includes a half hour of astrology, a half hour of heart lightning work and a half hour of shamanic healing.

As any astrologer would do, I checked the planets to see which would be the most auspicious time to hit the road, and September looks great. Hope to see you on the way.