The Easier, Softer Way


In the 80’s, my boss told me I didn’t think the way he did. I think he meant it as an insult.  It’s probably why I’m no longer marketing manager of Alpo Dry Dogfood. Much as I miss the Labrador and beagle puppies at Alpo’s Pet Care center, it’s probably for the best that I no longer work there.

I’m a little bit like those dogs, sniffing out the unfamiliar, and enthusiastically wanting to report on it.
This is my first foray into blogging. In recent years, I, along with most everyone I know, have wended my way through lots of new technology—most recently a new smart phone, which is clearly smarter than I am.  
As I am introduced to each new tool, I vehemently resist. I’ll never be able to learn it. It’s not necessary. It costs too much. It’ll be obsolete before long. But once I realize I’ll save time and energy, laziness triumphs. 
On my daily walks, I find many new trails, and marvel at all the different ways to get from here to there and back. I have never had a sense of direction. My GPS is my best friend. A new path is an invitation to get lost. But curiosity wins out, (especially if my husband, Oliver, who was born with a GPS in his brain, initiates the exploration). Perhaps there will be a beautiful mountain vista around the corner or a deer, or a jackrabbit. 
Some say a sense of direction can be cultivated.  But life continues to offer the unexpected, even if I think I know where I’m going. I’m always looking for easier ways to surf life’s vicissitudes, and hope you’ll be able to benefit from my forays.