Want Power? Skype to the Shamanic Healing Clinic on March 16 for 30 minutes

If you’ve tried your best and still can’t find your way through what is perplexing you, whether physical or emotional, it may be time for the big guns.

We imagine we’re separate, as we live in discrete bodies. But in fact they are not discrete at all. We host bacteria. We share air. We come from, feed on and will reunite with the earth. Why would we not tap into the far greater power of the elements to heal ourselves?

Nature is our ally. We belong to the earth. The plants and animals are a part of us. When we call on their assistance, they mobilize on our behalf.

According to the shamans, nature longs to serve us. We only need to ask. We can reconnect to these natural forces through prayer, song, plants, animals, and minerals. Nature will respond by purifying and renewing us.

Shamanic healings are powerful. Would you like to feel better, gently, and easily? Sign up for a discounted half hour session March 16 between 2 and 6 pm Mountain Time.  Normally $50/session, if you book during a clinic, the cost is $35.  If you’re near Silver City, NM come in person. If not, we can do it by phone or Skype.

Because much of this work is non-verbal, there are few thought patterns to get in the way. You can bring any issue to a shamanic clinic – physical, or emotional. Shamanism clearing out the non-resonant energy and replacing it with a life affirming flow.